Orders & Account

What should I do products not same as description?

Such cases include wrong size, wrong color or received different items, please shoot video clips to GINYL customer service teams, we will make partial/fully refund or resend a new item according to situations, you still can keeps the wrong one.

How do I set my shipping address?

Log in your GINYL account, set shipping address in My Account page. You can add multiple addresses on this page and select the preferred destination each time you place an order.

Can I change order details such as size, shipping etc.?
How do I cancel an order?

Before your order is shipped out, you can contact GINYL customer teams to request order cancellation.

I cannot find an order in my account

To check your order, please sign into My Account. If you can’t find your order in the list, please check whether: You placed orders directly without logging in your GINYL account. You created different accounts on GINYL.   Forgot your login ID? Please...

How to delete my account and all data permanently?

Contact GINYL customer teams with your request. All data will be deleted in 48 hours from servers.

Please, mind that only logged in users can submit questions