• How to Get Any Item For Free

    Customer is oxygen to GINYL. Their opinions are what we value for, with which we can improve our system, refine design, grow stronger , and have the strength to help more kids out of poverty.

    There are many ways you can get free items, and give a review.


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    Should I Pay for Shipping Cost

    It depends. GINYL got criteria to evaluate on it. In most cases, you do not need to pay anything if you are going to shoot photos, make videos or write a post.

    In other cases or you are one of the people who needs help. Please contact us via info@GINYL.com for further.

  • Join GINYLer Gold Plan

    We release over 1000 new items annually.

    This is an upgraded version of“review and get free products”. Members in the plan will receive all products for free regularly in a whole year.

    Anyone would be welcome to apply this plan, there are 21 people already in the list and got dozens of free tees, jackets, skirts and so on.


  • Shooting Video

    Shooting any video clip is acceptable. Subject and duration is unlimited, as long as it related fashion, GINYL or anything creatives.

    send it to us by email with description. We will reply in 24 hours.

    Good content will have a cash reward with upgraded level of free gifts package.

    Part-time Employment

    If you come from one of these places, FR, ES, RU, JP then you are the one we need.

    In order to provide better shopping experience for locals, we have lots of products need to translate.

    In a normal case, you just need to translate or write a title and description for 5 items, less than 250 words each product. Any item you like can acquire free by this way,

    Share Links

    Share GINYL link on Internet can give you a certain credits, and credits can pay for any item.

  • Photograph

    If you love social medias or are good at photography, this is the best option for you.

    High quality photos on theme such as fashion, lifestyle are our favorite. Other subjects are also welcome.


    For online co-marketing or offline event, we can sponsor customized items.

    Clubs, bands, sports teams from school or college are welcome to apply our sponsorship. It’s our appreciated that GINYL brand can grow with young powers.

  • Writing a Post

    A good post related to aGINYL will return you with a good reward.

    What we pursue is something real, not fake compliment. You can send post to us or post on any website and feedback us with a link.

    Invite Friends

    Invite friends to register also is one method to get free cloth.

    GINYL is not a online store to sell items, it’s a lifestyle and it represents an altitude to life.