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Shipping, Customs & Taxes
How to check available delivery countries and areas?
GINYL delivers orders to almost every corner in the world, except few restrict countries or districts temporarily due to conflict/war. Click here to check delivery area available.
How long it would take from purchase to delivery?
The estimated arrival time includes warehouse processing and carrier transportation. Normally, standard shipping such as air mail post by China Post, Netherlands Airmail, Singapore Post, EU Packet and e-Packet would take 10-20 business days for Intercontinental...
How to track order status?
Log in GINYL, go to account center, tracking info will be updated and shown there. Or you can go to 17Track to track the latest info with tracking number which we sent to your email when parcel shipped out. On condition you are unable to access both, ...
Does the price include VAT?
All products on GINYL global and local sites(EN, JP, ES, PO, DE, RU, etc.) are selling VAT excluded. Products in local warehouse sell at same price as in other countries
Would GINYL pay the customs?
In most cases, GINYL will not pay customs. Duties and taxes are typically not included in the price of the item, and might not be included in the overall shipping costs. You may be charged customs duties and taxes in some cases. GINYL will provide necessary...
I have not received my parcel. What can I do?
Go to My Account, track order latest status. If no tracking info display, it may be because the shipping company needs 3 to 7 days to update the shipping status. In cases order status is not updated over 15 business days(7 days for expedite types), you...
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Warranty, Return & Refund
What should I do my parcel partially missing?
Provide order number to GINYL, you can claim partial refund or a resend item after GINYL verify your statement.
How to apply refund?
Sign in GINYL and go to Account Center, there a refund button next to a specific order. Click and submit it, GINYL Teams will verify your application. If it gets approved, order will automatically go to refund process and money will return to you in ...
When money will give back after order cancellation?
It depends. It would take 2 days to PayPal account and 3-20 business days your local bank account. It varies from different countries and different banks. GINYL promises we will verify every application as soon as possible and provides necessary help...
Why is the refund lower than I expected?
Please go to your order details page on our website to find out whether you have applied for a full or partial refund. Please note that the following costs cannot be refunded: 1. Currency conversion fees charged by your credit card issuer. 2. Credit ...
I have not received my refund on my credit card yet. What can I do?
If you paid with a credit card, the money will be refunded to your card. It usually takes around 3-15 business days for the money to arrive. If the refund process is marked "complete" but it looks like you did not get your money back yet, please check...
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Orders & Account
What should I do products not same as description?
Such cases include wrong size, wrong color or received different items, please shoot video clips to GINYL customer service teams, we will make partial/fully refund or resend a new item according to situations, you still can keeps the wrong one.
How do I set my shipping address?
Log in your GINYL account, set shipping address in My Account page. You can add multiple addresses on this page and select the preferred destination each time you place an order.
Can I change order details such as size, shipping etc.?
How do I cancel an order?
Before your order is shipped out, you can contact GINYL customer teams to request order cancellation.
I cannot find an order in my account
To check your order, please sign into My Account. If you can’t find your order in the list, please check whether: You placed orders directly without logging in your GINYL account. You created different accounts on GINYL.   Forgot your login ID? Please...
How to delete my account and all data permanently?
Contact GINYL customer teams with your request. All data will be deleted in 48 hours from servers.
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Payment, Coupon & Discount
Why cannot I place order due to security reasons?
This may happens when you tried to pay with credit card. You order cannot be successfully placed due to a potential security risk. Please double check if any unusual behavior has occurred for this order and then try to place the order again. In some ...
I got an error message during the payment process. What should I do?
During big sales, we’re processing a large amount of payments at the same time. Some online payment providers may experience an overload and temporarily take their service offline. We suggest that you use another payment method to place your order or...
I’ve already paid for my order, why does the order status still say: Awaiting Payment?
Because we are processing a lot of payments at the same time, it might take a while before the order status is updated.Please wait and check the order status later.
What should I do if my card payment has failed?
If your payment has failed, please check the following: Please make sure you have paid with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro (debit card) or American Express.   When making payment on GINYL, you must have an activated 3-D Secure Code. Please contact your...
Why was the wrong amount deducted from my account?
Please note GINYL only charge user the value in order confirmation page and no extra money will be received. If extra money has been deducted from your account, it may due to: - exchange rate change - service fee or transaction fee charged by bank...
I cannot use a coupon or get discount. What can I do?
If you cannot get discount, please check below reasons: A limited amount of discounts are available. Distributed on a first come, first served basis, you may not get discount when it is out of stock. Check the deadline of discount. As we always have...
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My reward points have not been added to my account. What can I do?
Your reward points are made up of Shopping points, Fan points and Bonus points. Membership status is based on the number of reward points you have accumulated over the last 12 months. If the order points have not yet been rewarded to your account, then...
What's the privilege for being a member of GINYL?
The GINYL Member Club has 4 levels—Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The level you are in determines the benefits & privileges you’re entitled to. All buyers are automatically assigned a membership level once they meet the minimum requirements...
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Feedbacks & Complaints
How do I change feedback?
Once you have submitted your feedback, you won’t be able to revise it. However, you are always welcome to add additional feedback.
Why is my feedback score wrong?
Your Feedback Score is the average of all Star Ratings you’ve received. If you’ve given feedback on more than one order within 10 days, this will only be counted once.
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